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Purple Paws 2nd Chance Rescue
Application Contract

Adopters Information:

Adoptive Pet Information:

Adoption donations:

donation to PP2CR for help with the expenses incurred and vet bills by saving this pet from the shelter.
agree to provide care from this day forward to my new pet. This includes adequate food, water, exercise, shelter, veterinary care and lots of love. The pet will be an inside pet and not kept in the yard or tethered outside. I agree never to sell, trade or to surrender the pet to any agency without notifying PP2CR and receiving PP2CR's approval and/or having first option of reclaiming the pet. I agree that the adoption fee is non refundable and there is no reimbursement if the adoption does not work out. I understand that these dogs came from shelters and that PP2CR does not know their history except what may have been provided from the shelters. I hereby understand that PP2CR has no prior information of age, breed, training, registration, health issues, or any other on the pets other than what is provided at time of adoption per what has been our experience with the pet. PP2cr makes no warranties of any kind concerning the pet. I agree that all expenses incurred after I take possession of the pet will be my sole responsibility and PP2CR is released of any and all liabilities whether financial or other.
I (the adopter) have read this contract fully and understand by signing this contract I am agreeing to the terms of the contract.
We strongly encourage positive reinforcement training.

We do not recommend any Hartz or Sentry products

We do not recommend Kibble n Bits, Purina Beneful, Alpo or Dog Chow, Pedigree and Ol Roy.

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