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Fostering Contract Form

Animal Information



I, the above named caretaker, fully understand that I am being invested with the responsibility of providing love, shelter, medical attention, and companionship for the above mentioned pet.


From this day forward until it is adopted into a permanent home by a PP2CR agent. I also agree that I will never abandon, abuse, or give this animal away. I understand that if I become unable to care for this pet, I must notify PP2CR and return the pet to them.


I agree to keep at least one form of identification on this pet at all times. I agree to provide transportation for the necessary annual vaccinations and checkup for my foster pet and follow the advice of the veterinarian for its care.


I agree that PP2CR has an invested interest in this pet and I agree to provide them current information about the status and agree to return the pet to PP2CR when they ask. I agree pets should be regarded as family members and if a dog, this pet will not be kept outdoors for long periods of time and will be safely secured when foster is not home. Furthermore, if the pet is a cat, it will be kept indoors at all times.


I agree the PP2CR will provide the medical costs necessary to ready this pet for adoption and I agree to notify PP2CR immediately if any medical issues arise. I agree to act on behalf of PP2CR and under their direction to assist in getting this pet placed into a loving home. I agree to monitor the behavior and temperament of this pet and make suggestions for actions that will advance the possibilities of this pet getting adopted. I agree to provide hands-on daily attention to this pet to further its socialization and wellbeing.

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